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1. Sandpoint at a glance
2. Map



1. Sandpoint at a glance

Most of the buildings in Sandpoint are made of wood, with stone foundations and wood shingle roofs . The majority are single- story structures, with a few noted exceptions. The town is often thought of as two districts by the locals.

Uptown consists of areas 1-12 (s. Sandpoint Map). Most of these buildings are relatively new, and the streets are open and less crowded. This section of town is also physically above the rest, situated on a level bluff overlooking downtown, which consists of areas 13-46. The majority of the town's buildings can be found downtown, which grows increasingly crowded as available space is claimed by new arrivals.
Downtown is built on a gentle slope that runs from a height of about 6o feet above sea level to the west, down to only a few feet above the waterline to the east and south.
Sandpoint Harbor is a modest-sized natural harbor, 30 feet deep for most of its expanse, with sharply rising slopes near the shore.
The languid waters of the Turandarok River wind down from the hinterlands, skirting Devil's Platter to empty into the harbor-the river is often used to transport lumber harvested far upriver
down to the local sawmill.
South of town rises another bluff on which Sandpoint's most affluent landowners have staked their claims.
Only a few hundred feet north of town rises an upthrust
spur of rocky land topped with a few trees-this tidal island is now known as Chopper's Isle, and was once the home of Sandpoint's most notorious criminal. The remote outcropping is accessible only by flight or by a skilled climber, and locals now believe the isle to be haunted by
Chopper's ghost; children often dare each other to go out to the isle's base at low tide and touch the barren cliff face that surrounds it, but no one's visited the top in years.
The sight that proves most striking to visitors of Sandpoint at first is the ruins of the Old Light. The original height of this tower is unknown, but those who have studied the ancient architecture of the crumbling remains estimate it might have stood more than 700 feet tall. Today, less than a quarter of that remains. The Old Light rises from sea level and is built into the face of a 120-foot-tall cliff, with the tower extending another so feet above that level to culminate in ragged ruins. The remaining shell is yet another reminder that neither the Chelaxians nor the Varisians are the first settlers of this land, yet apart from a few badly weathered carvings signifying that the peak of this tower once held a brilliant light, no insight into the tower's true purpose remains.

2. Map

1 Sandpoint Cathedral
2 Sandpoint Boneyard
3 White Deer (Inn)
4 The Way North (Library)
5 Jeweler
6 Junkers Edge (Dump)
7 Gorvi's Shack (Dump HQ)
8 Sage
9 Locksmith
10 Sandpoint Garrison
11 Sandpoint Town Hall
12 Savah's Armory
13 Risa's Place (Tavern)
14 Rovanky Tannery
15 Red Dog Smithy
16 The Pillbug's Pantry (Apothecary)
17 Bottled Solutions (Apothecary)
18 Cracktooth's Tavern
19 House of Blue Stones (Irori Monastery)
20 Glassworks
21 Sandpoint Savories(Bakery)
22 The Curious Goblin(Bookshop)
23 Sandpoint Theater
24  Carpenter's Guild
25 Sandpoint Lumber Mill
26 General Store
27 Turandarok Academy(School & Orphanage)
28 Madame Mvashti's House
29 Grocers Hall (Market)
30 Vernah's Fine Clothing
31 Wheen's Wagons
32 Scarnetti Mill
33 The Hagfish(Tavern)
34 Valdemars Fishmarket
35 Sandpoint Market
36 Sandpoint Meat Market
37 The Rusty Dragon (Inn)
38 Goblin Squash Stables
39 Two Knight Brewery
40 Sandpoint Mercantile League
41 Sandpoint Boutique
42 Fatman's Feedbag (Tavern)
43 The Pixie's Kitten (Brothel)
44   The Feathered Serpent (Misc. Shop)
45  Hannah's(Herbalist/Healer)
46  Sandpoint Shipyard
47 Valdemar Manor
48 Scarnetti Manor
49 Kaijitsu Manor
50 Deverin Manor
  Chopper's Isle
  The Old Light



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